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Only on Craig Ferguson can you have a maliciously adorable rabbit cussing up a storm, Judd Apatow talking about going down on puppies, and a Sex and The City parody that’s funnier than the entire movie most likely is. Ferguson just keeps getting funnier and funnier… and also crazier.


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After watching how “Lost” ended, there was one scene in particular that I kept coming back to as proof that for at least three years, Damon and Carlton knew how they were going to end it all. That scene wasn’t even in an episode during an actual season, but was in fact, a mobisode from a series entitle “Missing Pieces” made in between seasons 3 and 4. So for anyone who hasn’t seen it, (or anyone who wants to see it again) here it is. And know this, that man IS Christian Shepherd. The Man In Black lied.

Here’s a fun alternate ending from the Jimmy Kimmel Show. His other ones weren’t too bad either, but this one sort of fits in with the above video.

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Lost: The End

It started with a man opening his eyes, discovering his place in the world for the first time. It continued on with a journey for survival through scientific means and the search for the truth. When it began, the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 found themselves in hell on Earth.

And how did it end? With complete symmetrical opposites.

I started watching “Lost” last summer. I had heard many fantastic things about it and almost as many equally frustrating things, but I had until this point, refused to expose myself to something I knew would become an addiction until it was much closer to the end. Knowing that this Spring would be the last season, I finally convinced myself that it was time to get invested. I figured that with nearly 100 episodes to watch before Season 6 even started, I could really pace myself out, and by the time I finished, the final season would be a short time away from commencing. I started watching at the end of August… and I was finished only thirty days later. “Lost” became every bit the addiction I was afraid it would be, and I couldn’t get enough. Every cliffhanger with every jarring “BONG” at the end of each episode compelled me to watch more and more. And for an entire month I was able to continue to satisfy this need. Then I ran out of episodes. And As anyone who has ever done it knows, going cold turkey is a very difficult thing. Going cold turkey off of “Lost”, easily one of the most addictive substances known to man, is even tougher. But I just kept telling myself, “January is only four months away. January is only three months away. January is only two months away.” Indeed, my entire concept of time and how it related to everything else in my life stemmed almost completely from how far away I was from “Lost” starting up again. (Which, considering the show, is highly ironic.) And once that day finally came, time became all about how far away I was from the end. Well, the appropriately titled “The End” was last night, but I don’t really feel that sense of loss that I was expecting, because after last night’s episode, “Lost” needed to end as it began, perfectly.

WARNING: The rest of this article contains massive SPOILERS for everything that happens in the finale of “Lost”. Stop reading if you don’t want to know how it ends.

Without a doubt, the initial aspect of the show that captured the minds of everyone watching and pop culture in general was its mysterious nature. A supposedly deserted island with polar bears, century old human remains, whispers in the jungle, and a monster that kills people who venture too far into the brush; from the very fist episode, people wanted answers. But somewhere along the way for many of us, (season 2 for me) the mysteries started to mean less and less. We put faith in Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse that they would answer the most pressing questions we had, and they would do so in due time, but the single most awe-inspiring element of “Lost” was no longer its mysteries, it was its characters.

It is this group of latter people who the finale of “Lost” served, a group that is arguably the true fan base of “Lost”, not those who were just looking for “the answer”. In almost every interview that they have given over the past year, Darlton has made sure to mention that they were choosing to end their show the best way they knew how, in service to their characters, not the questions. And they were absolutely right in doing so, because through this finale, their series was able to reach even newer artistic heights, not only through what they showed us, but through what they chose not to show us.

Let’s just get this out there. What we all thought was a parallel world running sideways to the main storyline was in fact a flash forward of sorts. It was purgatory. A meeting place where all of the main characters over the six years of “Lost” could rejoin one another. This means that for an entire season, the entire cast of “Lost” has been dead. I’ll admit it, when I first heard Jack say “I’m dead.” I cringed and groaned. Generic headlines flashed through my brain: “Everyone on Lost was Already Dead!” For a moment, it seemed like a horrible decision on the part of Darlton. But then after about thirty seconds of actually thinking about what had just been presented to me and watching the scene between Jack, his father, and the rest of the cast in the church unfold, it all started to make perfect sense. And once I realized where “present” timeline Jack was headed, back to the bamboo thicket where it all began, it started making more than perfect sense, it started making poetic sense.

When endings come full circle like this, it’s hard not to stand up and take notice. Some might think this ending was a cop-out, but for the life of me, I can’t see how. (Though I do still realize there will be many, many naysayers for this ending.) But as I’ve stated before, if you don’t appreciate this ending it’s because the only thing you were looking for was the answers, when the entire point of the show, driven home especially by this final spiritual episode, is that we never get the answers we want. That just isn’t life. And whether you feel that you deserve the answers or not, after putting in over 120 hours into one show (and for some of us, many more), quite frankly, it doesn’t matter. Because whether you realize it or not, you were watching a show that was trying to teach you something about your own life, while at the same time entertaining you. It was teaching you that it’s not the gods that you may or may not believe in, or the questions you never get answered that mean anything in your life, it’s the people who you meet and forge relationships with along the way. The beauty in life comes not from understanding the intentions of a being greater than us, but by helping another man learn how to walk again. Life comes not from finding the truth in every mystery, but from finding that one person who can constantly make us feel alive and happy.

And that’s why the ending to “Lost” was so perfect. Because it showed us what humanity is at its core. And it showed it to us in one of the most beautiful and touching ways imaginable. (And seriously, how awesome was that score by Michael Giacchino? That final soft piano was heartbreaking and awe-inspiring all at the same time.) Had the show not ended like this, had it chosen to answer every last lingering question we had, the end result would have been a hollow husk, and no one would be happy with that. Some of you might be angry now, but had the show ended trying to serve the questions instead of the people, you would have felt empty, something that is much, much, worse even if you do not realize it. The show ended as it began, and whether you want to argue that they didn’t know where they were going all along or not, it doesn’t matter. Because it not only took a hell of a lot of skill to get to this ending, it took a hell of a lot of heart.

And how did it end, opposed to how it began?

It finished with the survivors of Oceanic 815 in a heaven of their own creation. What was once a journey of scientific discovery had evolved into a search for faith in each other. And it ended with one man closing his eyes for the last time.

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To clarify my prediction just a little bit more…

Jack will sacrifice himself to return the only important character who has yet to return (alive) back to the island. That man is John Locke.

And at the end of the night, we’ll see two men sitting on the beach preparing to spend the rest of their existences protecting this island. One whose faith has been rewarded and the other who has been redeemed.

… Or, we could see something completely different. Bring it on Darlton.

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Tomorrow is the big day. Will Darlton and the writing staff of “Lost” deliver? I believe they will. (And also believe that as long as I keep chanting that to myself, it’ll come true.) Either way, tomorrow marks the ending of a very notable time, not only for television, but for pop culture everywhere.

Prediction: Jack finds a way to bring John Locke back to the island and their faith is finally rewarded.

As long as that, or something like that happens, I’ll be more than content with how the show ended.

In the meanwhile, here’s a few funny clips from Darlton’s final interview on Jimmy Kimmel last night, and a particularly hilarious censorship gag reel.

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Comic Covers Covered

These are just awesome to look at. If you like these, check out http://coveredblog.blogspot.com/ for more entertaining covers.

This is just a fantastic example of how much the style has changed from the early twentieth century to the present.

Fantastic use of perspective.

Where oh where has “Batman Jones” been all my life? For God’s sake, he rides a bicycle to a crime scene! He could catch anybody!

It’s funny, because this is what I always imagined Hobbes really looked like.

The subtitle makes this one. So wrong, and so funny.

This is just awesome. I love the how the remake stays true to even the smallest of details like the water running into Donald’s boot.

For all you Donkey Kong lovers out there who’ve always thought, “Damn this game would be so much better with The Avengers. (I include myself in that group.)

Forget the hilarious and oh so perfect remake cover. How the hell did this comic even exist in the first place??!!

Again, ever wonder what Charlie Brown would really look like? Wished you hadn’t asked now, don’t you?

The best part about these covers (besides the fact that it’s the flippin California Raisins!!) Is that on the original cover, The Rasinettes have hair! Those are some F’d up raisins!

Hilarious. Especially Ice man.

This one is my favourite. I especially love the hand-made (or is it Paw-Made??) sign in the remake. I imagine that is exactly how a real life literate bear would spell.

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The State of T.V.

It’s pretty hard to argue that we haven’t seen a renaissance in the form of televised entertainment over the past decade or so. One that started with the advent of HBO’s original programming (i.e. “The Larry Sanders Show”) and once “The Sopranos” hit the air, really got kicked into full swing. Since that time we’ve seen some amazing shows come and go, some by their own choice (“Battlestar Galactica”) and others forced to do so (“Arrested Development”) but regardless of how they ended, we are all the more entertained for them having ever existed at all.

Currently there are still quite a few good shows worth watching on television (and admittedly about a hundred other bad ones). Here’s a run down on a few of these shows worth mentioning.


Coming in first is “Chuck”. In one of the weirdest cases of fast food actually benefitting mankind, Subway restaurants effectively saved this show from cancellation last year by launching a campaign to “Save Chuck.” And we should all be thankful that they succeeded because day in and day out, “Chuck” is the most consistently entertaining show on television. Is is the best show? No, probably not (we’ll get to that one in a minute) but it certainly is the most fun to watch. From the music, to the comedy, to the action, to the casting, everything in this show is pitch perfect and all I can say is thank God it’s already been renewed for Season 4. Now we just have to get that 13 episode order bumped up to 19 again…

If you already like “Chuck” I recommend checking out “Burn Notice” as well. While not as consistent as “Chuck” when it’s on, it’s on. And between Jeffery Donovan and Bruce Campbell, there’s very little not to like about that show.

Also, just a brief note, but it’s hard to talk about Action shows on television and not mention 24

This is the show that practically invented the big budget action genre for television when it premiered almost a decade ago and yes, while it has lingered in tepid mediocrity for the past three years, it used to kick a whole lot of ass. 24 serves as a great reminder that television shows, like everything else, need to know when to quit. And Season 8 for 24 was about 3 seasons too many. Though I do have to also mention that as bad as this past season has been, last night’s episode (pictured above) has given us one of the most bad ass moments in 24 history ever. But all the same, I’ll be happy to see it go.


Speaking of badass action, “Community” parodied the action film genre two weeks ago and did an amazing job. “Community” is a sitcom that started off extremely strong, sort of struggled in the middle for a few episodes and now has come back full force as a must watch comedy. It’s the best show on NBC’s Thursday night comedy schedule (which is basically the only night worth watching anything on NBC, and after looking at their upcoming schedule for next year, that’s not about to change any time soon) and quite possibly the best sitcom on T.V. right now.

Other sitcoms worth mentioning are ABC’s “Modern Family” which is nearly as strong as “Community”, CBS’s “How I Met Your Mother” which was certainly, at one time, the best sit com on T.V. until the past couple of seasons which have stalled to say the least, and the mother of all hilarity inducing shows, “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”. “Philly” is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, but those who get it will swear by it, and very little else compares.

Reality T.V.

There is nothing worth mentioning about reality T.V. I’m sorry, there just isn’t. I’m not implying that you cannot be entertained by reality T.V. only that I see absolutely no artistic quality or even integrity in any of it, so I can’t bring myself to watch it. That doesn’t mean that I’m not thankful for its existence though. Without reality T.V. (and its ever unbelievable popularity) most narrative shows would be no where near as strong as they are right now, because creators and writers upped their game in order to compete with the juggernaut that is Reality T.V.

Late Night Talk Shows

Seven words: The Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson. Nothing else need be mentioned.


“Treme”, the new show by David Simon (creator of “The Wire”) is quite something to watch. It’s incredibly dense and packed with about as much knowledge in each episode as a volume on an encyclopedia. But I recently read a quote by Damon Lindeloff (co-creator of “Lost”) where he mentions that he would be hard-pressed to refer to “Treme” as “entertainment”. It’s a program that wants to educate you more so than it worries about making you like it. And this is certainly true. Speaking of “Lost”, we’re less than a week away from that show wrapping up, and while this past season has been somewhat slow, there’s no doubt that this is still the end of an era. I love “Lost” and as far as I’m concerned it’s probably in the top three programs that are on T.V. right now, and probably in the Top 5 of all time great T.V. shows… (okay, maybe Top 10) but we’re getting down to the wire now and I have some small, lingering reservations. The show almost seems to be struggling with what it wants to do here at the end, and that worries me. That being said, I trust in Damon and Carlton and believe that by next Sunday night, we will have all just watched one of the most impressive Series Finales in the history of television.

Finally, the best show on television right now (and possibly ever) is AMC’s “Breaking Bad”.

I’ve talked endlessly about this show before so I’m not gonna say much here, but stress once again that if you’re not watching this show, you are missing out. It’s one of the most artistic and emotionally captivating piece of entertainment that I have ever seen. So go find it and watch it NOW.

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