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Let me get this straight… Craig Ferguson had a special Halloween themed episode on Friday night with a “Monster Smash” musical number, plus one of the funniest guys in the world, Jason Segel, and one of the hottest women in the world, Alison Brie. How did I not find this earlier? Enjoy.


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There’s a reason why rabbits procreate so often.

Craig Ferguson… I mean Paul McCartney… dammit, I mean Angela Lansburry, (I’m so confused) provides the answer for “The Case of the Missing Man.”

He also has some comments about “The Expendables” or as he so aptly re-names it, “Balls”.

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How are men similar to sponges (the animal, not the loofa) in a woman’s eyes? Craig Ferguson has the answer. And he also has Vampire Weekend performing White Sky.

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This might very well be the funniest thing that I have ever seen on the Craig Ferguson show. And a quick browse through this site will tell you that that means a lot.

And just because everyone seems to love him (for good reason) here’s a little more of Sid, talking about the life of a rabbit. (It’s pretty tough… unless of course you’re Sid.)

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A really fun interview. Seriously, these two should star in a sit-com with one another.

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Congratulations Mr. Ferguson.

Watch for Craig’s reaction while reading his first e-mail, even he is taken aback for a second. Classic. And if you know of somebody suffering from the dreaded chickenitis, please get them help. Dueling chickens would be awesome.

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Craig has really been ripping into Mel these past couple days, and rightfully so. That man has some serious issues to work out and it amazes me that we berate people like Tom Cruise or Lindsey Lohan so much, yet Mel has remained relatively unscathed. I’ve never much agreed with how heavily celebrities are scrutinized in our culture, but if anyone deserves it, it’s Mel.

Anyway check out these two hilarious videos.

And as far as I’m concerned, this is the sign off that Mr. Rogers always wanted to give but never did.

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