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What do you get when you combine the best movie of last year (“Up”) with the best movie of this year (“Inception”)? This trailer I guess.


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Groucho Marx

One of the funniest men alive. Of course, he also reminds of Bruce Campbell and anything that does that is a winner in my book. (I’m pretty positive that Bruce learned acting from watching The Marx Brothers films over and over again.)

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Pug Singing “Batman”

Move over Adam West.

Who knew that such a cheesy T.V. show would inspire such melodic mastery as Adam West’s “Miranda” and now this singing pug.

And in case you couldn’t quite make it out over the song, here’s what he sounds like a capella.

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You know you have. I don’t even know what to say about these two songs except for that they exist. And that means the world is good.

This first song is sung by Burt Ward and is about Robin. It also (with its final line) turns into a hilariously horrible homophobic joke.

But this is the song you really want to check out. Adam West singing a love song as Batman. It’s as good as it sounds. In fact, it may have just become my favourite song of all time. “It’s against the code of heroes!” and “Would you like to see me make my muscles dance?” are just two examples of the dozens of amazing lines in this piece.

Enjoy. And Your Welcome.

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Only from the Japanese I swear to God… This is one of the weirdest things I have ever seen, hands down. The first half is bizarre but hilarious and far better than any other Cat Vs. Dog fight that I have ever seen (in film or real life!). But the second half gets balls to the walls trippy. It’s like the Cats Vs. Dogs just wasn’t enough. No, now cats need to fight huge fucking alien monster things while humans shoot the shit out of each other. I have no idea what movie this clip is taken from, but I need to watch it.

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Oh Hogan…

That is some of the craziest shit I have ever seen. Seriously, go back and watch it again… what the hell does the superimposed image of Hogan resting his head on his hand and coyly looking off screen at a six month old infant suggest? I love Japan, but they are crazy motherfuckers… (or in this case, perhaps another word would be considered more appropriate than “mother”). The only way this commercial could be made even funnier is if Hogan had been holding that air conditioner/ice box/magic box/baby maker over his own baby maker. Oh Hogan, where did the money you got for making this commercial go?

And a short side note: If I ever here somebody singing that song around a baby, I will grab that child and run like hell. (And with my luck, I’d be the one who got arrested.)

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The Real Olympics

Like Craig Ferguson, I’m tired of the Olympics. For reasons I’m not really going to go into here, I don’t care for them much. I know that makes me a horrible person. Many people have told me this. My friends have told me this. I don’t care. But I will show you the one type of Olympics that I WOULD watch… BEAR OLYMPICS.

These damn bears are playing hockey!

And yes, like Morgan Freeman, these damn bears have made my week.

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