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NBA Finals: Game 4

I think this picture more or less sums it all up.


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NBA Finals: Games 2

I didn’t post anything about Game 1 because there was nothing to talk to about… absolutely nothing. Except for the fact that Kobe Bryant once again proved that he was probably born out of his mother’s womb with a basketball in his hand. Either that, or when he was born the doctor dropped him and dribbled him around for a little bit. Or he was born INSIDE of a basketball like a bird in an egg. I don’t know, maybe it was a combination of all three of those things. He has proven something though in this playoff year, as awesome as Lebron James is, Kobe Bryant is still the king. On a regular basis, no one can out play him. But besides Kobe, nothing else was special about Game 1, mainly because the Celtics lost, and let’s face it, that just won’t do.

Which is why Game 2 was so awesome. Ray Allen, you are one beautiful bald bastard. NBA finals record ladies and gents for most three pointers made in a game. And by the end of the first half he had already tied the previous record (which he himself co-held). The look on his face when signalling to Rondo that he was open is pure awesomeness… and comedy.

Speaking of Rondo a triple double? Keep it up. Sure, Pierce and Garnett hardly mattered, but the good thing about that is that you know it’s just a matter of time until they step up and own a game. Their pride would let them do no different. Speaking in an interview after the game, Pierce said that he was okay with how he and Garnett played in relation to Rondo and Allen because if “all 4 of us were on, I wouldn’t want to be that other team.” I second that. And as fantastic as some of the other Celtics have been playing (Wallace, Davis, and Robinson) I suggest coach Doc Rivers gets sixth man of they year for their team. Why? Cause he’s willing to run ONTO THE COURT during a play to call a time out. Sure, he was out of breath after a two second run, but that just made it funnier.

Game 3 tomorrow.

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French Open

For whatever reason (let’s chalk it up to boredom) I decided to watch the French Open this year. And I’m somebody who has never seen a game of tennis in his life. But I found something out while watching the tournament on TSN 2 (who steals their feed from both The BBC and NBC), Europeans know how to film their sports.

The BBC went out of their way to intercut unusual shots into their broadcast feed, whether it be pigeons sitting on top of the stadium looking down and watching the game, weird camera angles, or focusing the shot on the player’s shadow instead of their body, it made for a very interesting viewing experience that grabbed my attention and made me feel like I was right there in France, smoking a cigarette while drinking a beer and watching these players do their thing.

Unfortunately the NBC feed was no where near as cool. It was very straightforward and typical and the announcers seemed more content on talking about how expensive and rare the watch that Nadal was wearing is, even more so than calling the game. And because the final games were all broadcast on NBC, it made for some boring final matches.

I don’t really know what the point of this post was. Perhaps it was to point out that I am slowly finding myself drifting more and more towards a European lifestyle than a North American one. Or maybe it was to simply point out that, despite being an amazing tennis player, I have never seen one man pick the underwear out of his ass more often than Nadal… seriously it was like on every point. Get some new boxers man.

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