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Speaking of homo-erotic undertones… Mark Ruffalo on Craig Ferguson? If Bruce Campbell had somehow found a way to work his way onto this segment, I think that my heart may have just stopped right then and there. Alright, maybe that’s too much, even for me. But listening to Ruffalo and Ferguson talk about just when exactly masturbation becomes creepy is pretty damn funny. And Ferguson’s Tweeting segment which includes a joke about dogs who shake out of fear all the time had me laughing my ass off, especially when I can more than relate as a certain dog of my own does the same.

Plus, did I mention Craig Ferguson and Mark Ruffalo! Sometimes I think that being gay would just make a lot more sense.


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Mr. Sharpie

Michael Weston himself (Jeffrey Donovan) directed last night’s episode of “Burn Notice”, and because he likely didn’t want to have to work double duty for most of the episode (as in directing as well as acting) that means we got more of Bruce Campbell and Chuck Finley than we normally do. And it was awesome. Is it weird though that the episode included a scene that is an exact replica of one of my greatest fantasies? Being tied to bed while Bruce Campbell stands over me sharpening knives. Okay, so I’ve got issues, I understand that (with more than a decent amount of homoerotic undertones running through them, true) but I just can’t help it. I mean look at that face, and look at those knives. And how awesome is it that Bruce calls his knife “Mr. Sharpie”? That’s an Ash name for a weapon if I’ve ever heard one.

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What were you expecting? If Morgan Freeman written by Craig Ferguson narrated the World Cup, I’d actually watch it. In all its ball crushing glory.

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And she’s got some Juggernauts. Betty White made another appearance on Craig Ferguson last night, this time as a World Cup referee. But the best moment probably comes when she admits to not being able to look Craig in the eye because he cracks her up.

And just remember, “It’s not the balls you hold onto that you’re remembered for, but the balls you let go. Call me Lady Gaga.”

Also, Bradley Whitford is a fucking funny man. Check out “The Good Guys” (from the creator of “Burn Notice”!). Bradley’s interactions with “Computer Machines” in the show is particularly hilarious.

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And not only that, but they play with puppets. It’s Syd, the cuss loving bunny Vs. Liza, the gay iguana. Two of the funniest grown men in the world, playing with puppets and swearing. T.V. doesn’t get much better. (Save for Leary’s story on Vodka Eyeballing… Jesus Christ.)

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At this point, even I don’t know how they keep doing it. “Breaking Bad” just keeps getting better and better. The final scene from “Half Measures” is probably one of the coolest, most crazy scenes I have ever seen in a T.V. show. With still a week to go before the finale, I get the feeling that every day is going to go by very, very slowly.

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Is there a sadder character in all of T.V. than Ron Donald from “Party Down”‘?

If there is, I have yet to see them. Not only does he have one of the saddest dreams in all of motivational history (“I want to run my own chain restaurant. It’s called a Super Crackers. They serve all you can eat soup and crackers.”) but it seems like with each new episode the poor bastard can just NOT win. Here’s a list of setbacks so far:

1. Accidentally setting an American Flag on fire at a Young Republicans Convention.

2. After discovering that the nurse and cop at a local seniors single mixer are, in fact, both strippers, Ron has to perform mouth to mouth resuscitation on a very stoned and Viagra induced Ed Bagley Jr.

3. Gets held at gunpoint by a particularly dangerous scam artist. (Who attempts to take all of Ron’s Super Crackers savings!!)

4. Goes fetal and pisses himself after said robbery.

5. Get’s nailed in the dick by the “best blow-job of the year award” trophy at a porn convention.

6. Accidentally gets high through second-hand smoke of a celebrity rapper. (Who also points out that maybe “Super Crackers” is not exactly an establishment that black people would want to frequent.)

7. And the Cous De Gras… chugs an entire 26er of whiskey before eventually succumbing to the need of vomiting horribly. (Did I mention this was at his High-School Reunion?!)

I still have quite a few episodes to go before I’m all caught up with the rest of Ron and his fellow Party Down catering service employees exploits, but I can tell you this, it’s fucking hilarious. Watch it.

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